'People think I tried to sell my baby'

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01 March 2016

The mother of a newborn boy abducted in Worcester shot down rumours she had given up her baby voluntarily.

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"People think I sold him. That's not true," Juanita Muller said in Afrikaans while clutching tiny Sergio in a blue blanket on Tuesday.

Sitting next to her boyfriend Gerald Strydom in their cramped Roodeval home, she said she just wanted to know why her baby had been taken.

Earlier on Tuesday, a 17-year-old girl appeared in camera in the Worcester Magistrate's Court on a charge of abduction.

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PHOTO: Jenna Etheridge, News24 PHOTO: Jenna Etheridge, News24

A co-accused had earlier been released due to a lack of evidence. The matter was postponed until March 24.

Family members were barred from listening to court proceedings because the accused was a minor.

Moments before Sergio was snatched from Worcester Hospital on Thursday, his parents said a young woman entered the ward.

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She introduced herself and told them where she lived. Explaining that she had had a miscarriage, she then asked if their baby had a name.

"She was very attractive, neat head to toe and so friendly," recalled the mother of four. Before they knew it, their baby was gone.


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