Peugeot 308 Premium Pack 2.0 HDi

By admin
22 July 2011

Rating: 3/5

The oil-burning 308 offers good value considering it costs less than its Golf rivals.

Its perfection is however slightly blighted by an oversize steering wheel and the eternal Peugeot Achilles heel – a recalcitrant and rubbery gearshift. Other than that the 308 is a joy.

The well-appointed cabin is spacious, its glass roof a treat and the dashboard soft to the touch. Abandon your reservations about French cars and prepare to be surprised.

PRICE R270 710

ENGINE 2-litre four-cylinder turbodiesel; 100 kW; 320 Nm

PERFORMANCE 0-100 km/h in 10,1 seconds; top speed not available; 5,5 litres/100 km

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