Photo of house for sale goes viral for the cutest reason

By Kim Abrahams
15 July 2017

At first glance, it simply looks like a professionally shot photo of a family kitchen.

Can you spot what’s odd about this pic?

The angle catches the best features of the kitchen and the lighting hits all the right corners – a perfect advertisement for when you want to put your property on the market.

And that’s exactly what an Australian family thought when they decided to sell their Melbourne home through real estate agency, Bell Real Estate.

What they didn’t bet on, however, was their picture going viral because of a classic photo bomb by an inquisitive three-year-old.

“I don’t understand how he did it because I swear I was with him trying to keep him out of the way the whole time," mom Jenny McAdam told

If you peep a little closer and fix your eyes on the left-hand side of the wooden door frame, you’ll see the head of a nosy parker sticking out.

At a glance, it’s hard to spot Henry – which is exactly why the internet went crazy when someone pointed it out.

I am literally obsessed with this kid who snuck into his family's professional 'house for sale' photo shoot.

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“I just don’t understand it because he usually refuses to have his photo taken,” Jenny said.

“If I try and take his photo he’s like ‘No, no photos’.”

Jenny, who’s currently pregnant with twins, explained that they were trying to keep Henry from interfering with the picture-taking by hiding with him in the laundry.

“We were huddling in the laundry locking him in. Even the real estate agent was helping me keep him out of the shots.

“But he loves doing whatever he’s told not to do so I guess that’s why he was so keen to get out of the laundry and see what the photographer was up to. He’s very curious and he’s a bit of a show pony.”

And the little show-off loved the attention he received afterward.

“We showed him the photo and pointed out that he was in it and he just smiled and said ‘yes, that’s me’.”


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