Physicist call girl jailed for conning Canadian

By admin
28 April 2014

A Romanian call girl has been jailed for two years for conning a Canadian businessman out of $318 000 (R3.4 million)

An Austrian court jailed for two years on Friday a colourful Romanian call girl with a doctorate in nuclear physics who conned a smitten Canadian businessman out of $318 000.

The 37-year-old woman, who has not been named, also worked as a presenter on breakfast television in her home country, is a keen rally driver and was once engaged to a Jordanian prince, according to the Austria Press Agency.

The 57-year-old Canadian businessman told the court in Salzburg, western Austria, where the woman lives, that he first "booked" her for a week-long holiday in the Caribbean in 2011.

Telling him that she had breast cancer and was in debt from the funeral of her disabled daughter, the man gave her ever larger sums of money which she spent on a beauty salon that went bankrupt and an Audi TT sports car.

The woman admitted lying but accused him of violent behaviour.

"He wanted me to move to Canada and marry him, but I didn't want to," she told the court. "I have pressed charges against him for attempted murder, sexual abuse and assault."


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