PICTURES: Real-life Rapunzel hasn't cut her hair in over 20 years

By Kim Abrahams
20 March 2017

And she swears she doesn't have a single split end!

Holding up her never-ending brunette hair, it almost looks as if she’s about to wrap a thin scarf around her shoulders.

But not even a millimetre of what Aliia Nasyrova holds is synthetic – it’s all hair and its au natural. The 27-year-old beauty stopped cutting her hair 20 years ago and today, her luscious locks span more than 2m (well, 2,133 metres to be exact).

And as if that’s not enough to make us green with envy, the Instagram star, from Riga, in Latvia reveals she doesn’t have a single split end, Metro reports. And according to MailOnline, Aliia's lengthy tresses take an hour to comb and a whole day to dry!

So, what exactly does this real-life Rapunzel do to ensure her shiny strands stay in tip-top condition?

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Besides sharing snaps of her gorgeous hair on Instagram, the lovely Latvian unfortunately doesn’t divulge her secrets.

Her photos, which boast thousands of likes, are enough to leave mesmerised fans continuously asking what her secret is, but Aliia is tight-lipped.

She does admit that her majestic mane rests quite heavily on her head and shoulders, weighing as much as the family cat at 1,8 kg.

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Her husband Ivan Balaban has joked that her hair is like another member of the family because of the space it takes up in the couple’s bed. “I am always cuddling up to the wall to give more space for her hair,” he says. “I always talk to the braid respectfully. Sometimes I ask it to move a bit.”

Sources: Metro, MailOnline, New York Post

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