PICTURES: West Rand woman gets revenge on person who parked her in

03 March 2017

Talk about seeing red!

A woman from the West Rand was so enraged when someone blocked her car in the parking lot that she resorted to using her lipstick to blow off some steam.

Anya Strohm and her friends were at the China Mall in Weltevreden Park on Sunday (25 February).

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When she was done shopping and returned to her car, a silver Toyota Camry had parked her in. The unknown driver had also parked in a spot where parking definitely wasn't allowed.

PHOTO: Supplied PHOTO: Supplied

An angry Anya waited for an hour, but no one showed up -- so she took matters into her own hands, returning to the shops to buy some red lipstick.

She took her rage and frustration out on the vehicle, scribbling “STUPID DRIVER” all over the car in her new lipstick.

As if that wasn’t enough she took pictures of her artwork and placed it on Facebook.

PHOTO: Supplied PHOTO: Supplied

In her post she explained the incident and also challenged the driver to make contact with her. “I am incredibly proud of myself,” she told YOU about her actions.

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She explained that she’d waited almost an hour, but the driver didn’t show up to move his car.

“We even approached the security staff to help us track down the driver, but had no luck.”

PHOTO: Supplied PHOTO: Supplied

She eventually managed to move her car out of the parking space, with great difficulty. She drove home angry.

By late Thursday afternoon Anya hadn’t heard anything from the driver, in spite of her Facebook post.

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