Pilot locks co-pilot out of cockpit

By admin
13 July 2014

A pilot and co-pilot have been reprimanded after a disagreement saw the first officer lock his second in command out of a plane's cockpit mid-flight.

A pilot locked his co-pilot out of their cockpit.

During a flight from Perth, Australia to Auckland, New Zealand the pilot decided to lock his second in command out of their control room because he was experiencing "some tension" between them.

The disagreement is said to have begun when the co-pilot hesitated to take part in a drug and alcohol test which led to the flight being delayed for 13 minutes and once he'd snuck off for a cup of coffee with a member of the cabin crew the pilot decided to lock him out of the cockpit.

Air New Zealand's manager of operational integrity and safety told Stuff.co.nz: "Safety and security are paramount and no-negotiable for Air New Zealand. This issue on NZ176 I unfortunate and both pilots have learned a valuable lesson around the need to communicate better with peers."

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