Pinterest gains interest

By admin
20 April 2011

Imagine a pinboard so huge that 18 million people can pin their pictures on it for everyone around the world to see! 

You can pin pictures of everything – from your best-ever holiday destination, favourite clothes and dream car to the food you love.

Does it sound far-fetched? Not at all. Pinterest is a new social network and online pinboard that made internet history by recording a massive 10 million visits within just 22 months of its launch.

You’d think with Facebook and Twitter being so popular there wouldn’t be room for another online social network yet Pinterest has proved the opposite. But what is the secret of this virtual pinboard’s success?

“Unlike Facebook you can communicate using pictures rather than words,” says Stellenbosch jewellery design student Marleen van Wyk (22) who uses the network to communicate and exchange ideas with designers and friends.

YOU’s Chrizane van Zyl takes a look at what Pinterest is all about and how it works. Read more in YOU 26 April 2012.

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