Pitch Perfect

By admin
05 December 2012

Rated: 3/5

Romantic comedy

With Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow and Skylar Astin

Director: Jason Moore


Opens 7 December

Do you enjoy the TV series Glee? Or dance along to your DVD copy of High School Musical? Then you’ll love this entertaining musical. An all-girl group, The Bellas, get a fresh shot of energy when they’re joined by a new member (Anna Kendrick) but their iron-fisted manager refuses to let them change their style or costumes. Meanwhile their all-male counterparts compete with an overload of testosterone and dedication. Who will win?

The story is as predictable as your ringtone and the ending more improbable than the last Twilight movie. But what fun! So dump your prejudices, look past all the stereotypes and get down with dancers who make Glee’s talented bunch look like amateurs. As a bonus, Skylar Astin plays the romantic prince with a white guitar and he’s a super-cool, exciting new young talent.

It’s the start of the holidays so youngsters can go to the movies and celebrate the romance, music, jokes, sexy bodies and war between the guys and girls. Enjoy!


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