Playing games

By admin
18 January 2014

A blonde and a lawyer are sitting next to each other on a long flight. After some introductions, the lawyer suggests that it might help pass time if they played a game.  The blonde asks what he has in mind. He suggests they ask one another questions, to which she replies that he is a clever lawyer and she is just a blonde, so what chance does she have of winning.  Not wanting to take no for an answer, he tells her that to make it more interesting, they could play for money.  He suggests that should she get one of his questions wrong, she would pay only R10, but if he got one of her questions wrong, he would pay R5000.  She gives him the nod and tells him to ask the first question.

The lawyer asks, “Is the earth further from the sun during the night than it is during the day?”  Thinking that because there is no sun at night, the obvious answer was the earth was further from the sun at night.  “Wrong,” shouts the lawyer. “It’s the same distance you silly blonde, you owe me R10.”  After paying up, it’s the blonde’s turn to ask a question.

“What is black and white and runs up and down sand dunes?” she asks.  The lawyer has no clue whatsoever and after hours of thinking and heavy sweat falling from his brow, he concedes that he does not know.  “Well then you owe me R5000”, she informs the lawyer.  Upon settling his heavy loss, she quickly lets him know that he was to ask her a question.

He asks, “What is this black and white thing that runs up and down sand dunes that you asked me about?”

She replies, “I don’t have a clue, I was hoping that you knew, but here’s R10 anyway.”


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