'Please don't have a third child, Kate!'

By Nici De Wet
01 August 2017

A children's organisation has penned a controversial open letter to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

An American company has taken it upon themselves to urge the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge not to have a third child - this after Kate joked she may have to have "more babies" during her and Wills recent trip to Poland.

Children's organisation, Having Kids, which promotes smaller families, wrote an open letter on their official website, which "respectfully" asked the royals to "consider forgoing having a third child".

The letter noted the influence the two have as public figures, and the power they have to "model a sustainable small family". It cited environmental reasons like climate change, economic equality and the distribution of resources.

"Of course, we know that Prince George and Princess Charlotte are certain to have wonderful lives, protected from the deprivations of poverty and the threat of environmental degradation. They will receive optimal amounts of care and attention, as well as the best possible education. But the same can't be said of every future child."

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"The point is simply this: Family planning should be child-centred, and the Fair Start model is a serious move towards ensuring all children get the equal opportunities in life they deserve. And that they do so in a healthy, safe, and greener environment."

Naturally, the letter met with a mixed response with many condemning the company for thinking they had the right to "interfere" in the royal's private lives while others applauded its values.

Having Kids has since responded following the backlash, explaining why they focused on the royal couple, saying they can lead by example and that "the impact the wealthiest families have on the environment dwarfs the impact of children born in the developing world. Given exponential growth, large families – wherever they may be – are simply not sustainable."

Read the letter here.

Sources: Hellomagazine.com, Independent.ie

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