Plett rescuer arrives at shark attack scene only to discover his SON was the victim

By Kirstin Buick
29 June 2015

A Plettenberg Bay man who has worked as a rescuer for the National Sea Rescue Institute for 41 years was shocked when he was called to a shark attack scene and found his son was the victim, a report said on Sunday.

Marty Reddering told the Weekend Argus how his son, Dylan, 23, an avid surfer, survived an attack by a three-metre great white shark.

The young UCT student luckily escaped with only lacerations and bite marks on the right side of his body, his ribs, his buttocks and on his leg.

The 23-year-old kicked and beat the shark away but then got stuck in a current while trying to swim back to shore, said Reddering.

The incident was a day before a shark attack at Buffels Bay on Saturday which saw a 19-year-old surfer lose his right leg, News24 reported.

NSRI Knysna deputy station commander Declan Nurse in a statement said Caleb Swanepoel from Prins Albert was rescued from the water by fellow surfers at about 14:40.

"A local doctor, Dr Dee Richmond, who happened to be on the scene at the time of the incident with her husband, initiated emergency medical treatment to Swanepoel, who is a student at the University of Cape Town,” he said.

"With two shark encounters in two days along the Southern Cape coast… the NSRI are urging bathers and surfers to be cautious and to make an informed decision on whether or not to enter the water, although it is advised not to enter until municipal authorities advise further.”


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