Police seek 'victims' after finding women's genitals in Bloem man's freezer

By admin
22 September 2015

A 63-year-old man, originally from Denmark, was charged with sexual assault as well a crimes under sections of the Medicines Act after 21 clitorises were found in his freezer


Warrant Officer Linda Steyn said police were appealing to women who may have been among his victims to come forward ahead of the man's bail application on September 28.

They had, however, not ruled out the possibility that the man may have conducted voluntary female genital mutilation.

The man may not be named until he has pleaded to the sexual assault charge, but police have so far established that he was fined R2 500 for illegal possession of an elephant tusk in February.

Police would also establish whether it was true that he was wanted in Denmark for illegal firearm transactions. He reportedly fled Denmark to evade these charges.

There have also been allegations that he may be linked to the murder of two women in Lesotho.

Police said they were told of a man who had photographs of women having their genitals cut and visited his Langenhoven Park house.

During the arrest, police confiscated the man's cellphone and found more photographs, surgical equipment, and the clitorises bagged and in the freezer. His wife's possible role would also be investigated.


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