Policeman had incestuous child with his cousin

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24 June 2015

These shocking details emerged in court, where the Joburg cop is currently on trial for raping his own stepdaughter.

A police officer accused of sexually molesting and raping his ex-wife's daughter while they were married, had an incestuous child with his cousin, the High Court sitting in Palm Ridge heard on Tuesday.

This was revealed at the beginning of Prosecutor Jacob Molwantwa's cross examination.
'I told her I did not touch her daughter'

"Do you have an incestuous child with your cousin?," he asked the officer, to which the response was, "Yes".

The officer told the court the child was 13-years-old and admitted that he knew incest was a crime.

His lawyer, Johan Pretorius, objected, saying the matter was not relevant to the case currently being heard in court.

The officer is accused of sexually molesting and raping his stepdaughter when she was in grade one. The girl only told her mother about the abuse years later in 2009 when she was 11. She is now 17.

She testified in court earlier this month.

The child screamed at him

The officer on Tuesday denied allegations that after the family had returned from a night out, he walked into his stepdaughter's bedroom and asked her to give him a good night kiss on his penis, while his wife was taking a shower.

He told the court that he had been drinking alcohol at a braai function earlier in the night, which he had attended with his wife and the child.

Once they had arrived home and he had put the child in bed, the officer told the court that he walked out of the main bedroom and into the child's bedroom by mistake, thinking it was the bathroom - which was across her room.

The child screamed at him and her mother entered the room also screaming at the officer, he told the court.

"She was very disturbed and angry... She accused me of doing something and I said I didn't do anything wrong."

Pretorius asked the officer whether it was true that once he had entered the room, he had asked the girl for a kiss and to lick his penis and that he had nagged her to do so. "The complainant says there was a time where you were with her in bed, you asked her to touch your penis, to put her mouth around the penis then go shower," Pretorius said.

Officer denies asking child to touch him

"That did not happen," the officer told the court.

The court heard that the family subsequently went for counselling and that things returned to "normal" after the consultations.

The court then heard that the couple's relationship deteriorated around 2008 and the officer told his wife in 2009 that he was filing for divorce.

"She ran to the main bedroom, broke the mirror and started cutting herself. Her daughter saw everything.

"She was very angry at me, she was screaming at me while we were taking her mother to hospital," the officer told the court.

The court heard that the man was notified that the girl and his ex-wife had laid charges against him in April 2009.

By then, the officer was engaged to another woman.

The court heard that the mother alleged that the officer had had sex with her daughter for a total 16 days.

"I told her I did not touch her daughter."

Molwantwa reminded the officer that one of the state witnesses, a medical doctor, had testified that the girl's vagina was torn by the age of 11.

"I don't know what caused the tears but I'm not the one who caused those tears."

The woman and her daughter were not in court during the proceedings.


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