Poor Madge! Madonna falls BACKWARDS off the stage at the Brit awards

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26 February 2015

Madonna’s dance routine went horribly wrong at the Brit Awards.

The 56-year-old singer had been performing her new track Living For Love in what was a highly anticipated comeback performance at the ceremony in London on Wednesday night.

After ascending a short flight of stairs, Madonna attempted to remove the cape she was wearing.

However, she was unable to undo the fastening, and when one of her dancers pulled the cape away, they ended up pulling Madonna off the stairs.

The singer was seen tumbling backwards and down onto the stage, before then doing her best to remove the cape.

The embarrassing fall instantly caused chaos on Twitter, with many speculating that the dancer to blame might soon be losing their job.

Madonna tried not to let the incident bother her, and carried on with the enthusiasm and dedication that one would expect from such a seasoned performer.

With a matador-inspired dance routine, Madonna delighted the audience as she pounded the stage in a white shirt, black tie and tight three-quarter length trousers.

It was previously reported that Madonna was doing everything possible to ensure her performance, her first at the Brits for twenty years, went smoothly.

The Daily Mirror claimed that Madonna was using a voice humidifier to prep her throat for the performance.

In addition, her dressing room at the O2 Arena was allegedly decked out with scented candles over 24 hours before she arrived to create the right “ambience”. In her rider, Madonna is reported to have requested champagne and earl grey tea to keep herself and her team going throughout the night.

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