Popular Cape Town shisa nyama not safe says customers

By News24 Wire
05 May 2017

A Johannesburg resident was viciously attacked attacked outside the restaurant

A Johannesburg resident who was stabbed outside Mzoli's Place in Gugulethu, says he will never again set foot in an entertainment spot without visible security in Cape Town.

It does not matter if the venue is on Long Street or in the township, he said.

The holidaymaker, who asked not to be named, said he and his friends went to visit the popular Cape Town shisa nyama on Sunday, shortly before 16:00. They parked their car and walked toward the venue, but quickly realised it was packed to capacity.

"We decided to go back to the car and leave. While standing next to the car, three unknown men attacked me from behind for no reason," he said.

One of the three men tried to stab him in the neck, but he managed to block him with his hand.

"I received a small scratch on my neck. Without even telling me what he wanted he then stabbed me in my back and tried to snatch my phone from my hand. I managed to get away from him but I fell on the ground about a metre away. He was adamant about killing me for my phone," he said.

"By miracle, while I was lying down, the attacker turned around and fled the scene with his accomplice."

Luckily nothing was taken from him.

"All I have is a pinky finger-deep stab wound in my lower back that serves as a reminder of how fortunate I am to still be alive."

While he did not want to harm Mzoli's reputation, he wanted to create awareness about the dangers of going there.

"The fact that we were there shows that we support black business, but I'm worried about the lack of visible security there."

Mzoli's manager Sisanda Mangele told News24 that additional security has been deployed to the institution and that police promised to patrol the area more often.

"This is not only an Mzoli's problem. Crime is on the increase across the nation… it's not an opinion, it's a fact, if you look at the statistics, you'll see," Mangele said.

In September, police said common assault increased from 298.2 in 2014/15 to 299.9 assaulted in 2015/16 per 100 000 people.

Mangele reiterated that Mzoli's is safe for visitors.

"You do not have to take any precaution before you come here," she said.

On Facebook, disgruntled customers have been voicing their frustration with safety at the popular eatery.

One person wrote on Mzoli's Facebook page: "Why have a Facebook page if you're not going to respond to any concerns from those who spend their hard earn [sic] money in your place. People are being robbed & sadly some even die yet you do nothing about it? May God give you wisdom to turn things around there."

While another commented that they have "decided to avoid that place a long time ago."

"See what I mean? The big fat boss hasn't even bothered to comment on this thread. He's too busy rolling in his money and braai meat," commented another Facebook user.

After the attack, the Johannesburg resident said he received speedy medical attention at the Vincent Pallotti Hospital in Pinelands. He reported the matter at the Gugulethu police station.

Police spokesperson Sergeant Noloyiso Rwexana said no arrests have been made.

Source: News24 Wire

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