Power up with positivity

By admin
20 January 2014

Want more friends, top marks at school, chilled parents and that guy to like you? We’ve got the secret!

We discovered something kind of crazy here at Hey You! headquarters: there are people among us with superpowers. Don’t believe us? Think about this: do you know someone for whom everything just seems to work out perfectly? We got psychologist Meredith Fuller to explain. She says while it isn’t quite the same as being able to become invisible or move objects with their minds, they do possess a “power” of sorts – a positive attitude! “When you’re positive people are drawn to you. You therefore become a bit of a magnet and attract positive experiences,” she says.

How to harness your positivity


The male species is particularly susceptible to the power of positivity. “Guys are very attracted to smiles and happy conversation,” Meredith says, adding a positive attitude sets you apart from girls who just complain or look bored. Phoebe (16) can vouch for this. She was feeling pretty happy on civvies day at school because she had a cool new outfit to wear. Then her crush told her she “looked gorgeous”. “I was speechless,” she recalls. Meredith says Phoebe would have been radiating positivity with her smile and confident body language, making it easier for her crush to approach her.


Whether you’re at a cousin’s birthday party or on holiday with the family, being in a place where you don’t know a soul can be the most excruciatingly awkward (and lonely) situation. But by harnessing that positive attitude and using it to meet new people you can turn awkwardness into awesomeness. Meredith says to remember that other people are just as nervous to approach you as you are them. “Go up to someone and say ‘Hi, I’m so and so’. You don’t have to say anything witty, just hello. People often don’t know what to say but if you make it easy for them, they’ll really like you for it.”


Showing your parents you have a positive attitude will make them feel they can trust you more, Meredith advises. Lauren (14) says she’s been allowed to go out more since her parents noticed her great attitude. “I got them to trust me to go out with my friends without adult supervision by behaving responsibly and by not going behind their backs,” she explains. On interacting with your parents Meredith says, “Be willing to compromise, admit when you’re wrong, show them what you’ve learnt – and appreciate that they do what they do because they love you.”


Having the right attitude when it comes to assignments and teachers can turn a tough school life around. “Teachers love it if you’re motivated and enthusiastic,” Meredith says. Janine (15) hated school until she changed her mind-set. “I was really struggling with maths so I just gave up and started mucking around,” she admits. “Eventually it came to a head and I ended up crying about it in a meeting with the teacher. I decided I just had to do my best and be happy with that. Straightaway I felt less stressed, could concentrate better and my marks improved.” Like magic, right?

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