Prankster tricks girlfriend into thinking their 3-year-old son died in horrific quad bike explosion

By admin
14 October 2014

A veteran practical joker who led his wife to believe she’d seen their three-year-old son killed in an accident involving a quad bike has been described as “sadistic” and “funny”.

Thirty two-year-old American Roman Atwood’s video, in which he apparently blows up their child, has had more than seven million hits since he uploaded it onto YouTube on Sunday.

The video shows Roman testing a quad bike with Kane, one of his two sons. He then talks to his partner, Brittney Smith, before deciding to buy the quad bike.

Viewers then see Roman telling Kane to hide while Brittney goes to the car to fetch a cheque.

Roman quickly places a doll resembling Kane and dressed in the same clothes on the quad bike.

When Brittney returns it looks as if Roman has lost control of the bike, which is remotely controlled. The bike races off with the doll on it, over a ridge and bursts into flames.

A shocked Brittney runs after the bike, shouting her son’s name because she thinks he’s in the fireball.

She realises it’s a joke when she approaches the scene and sees the doll.

Some YouTube viewers have called the joke “the funniest thing ever”, while others have called it “sadistic”.


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