Pregnant teenager 'wakes up screaming' inside coffin

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26 August 2015

The day after his young wife's funeral Rudy Gonzales visited her grave – and he was shocked to hear thumping and screams coming from the tomb.

A video has emerged showing how shows how Neysi Perez’s family worked desperately to free her. They used sledgehammers on the tomb and eventually managed to break the coffin out of its cement grave.

Neysi, still in her coffin, was rushed to hospital. Medical staff tried to bring her round but she was again declared dead. Her body was returned to the coffin and taken back to the graveyard.

Neysi , from the town of La Entrada in the west of Honduras, was declared dead after collapsing at home days earlier. 

Neysi (16), who was three months pregnant, collapsed as a result of a panic attack when gunshots went off outside her house.

She foamed at the mouth and her religious parents thought she might be possessed by a demon. Instead of taking her to hospital they summoned a local priest to “drive the devil out of her”.

During the exhausting process her body gave in and she was eventually taken to hospital. A few hours later doctors declared her dead and Neysi, who had recently married, was buried in her wedding dress.

Doctors now believe her panic attack caused her heart to stop beating temporarily. This resulted in her being declared dead the first time. Her eventual death is believed to have been caused by a lack of oxygen in the coffin.

Neysi’s mother, Maria Gutierrez, is convinced her daughter was buried alive and maintains the doctors were too quick to declare her dead.

Her joy at her daughter’s “return from the dead” didn’t last long.

“We were all so happy. I thought I was going to get my daughter back,” she said.

Sources: Daily Mail,, Irish Independent

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