Pregnant woman loses baby days before due date after she's run over at car wash

By Jana Smit
16 August 2016

The baby would have been born on Friday.

A pregnant woman lost her first baby days before he was due to be born when a car ran over her at a carwash.

The newspaper Pretoria Moot Rekord reported that Belinda Louw (35) was sitting in a chair when one of the car washers ran over her in a vehicle believed to be a Toyota Fortuner.

A source told the newspaper it appears the car washer didn’t know how to drive an automatic. The car apparently shot forwards, running over Belinda and crashing into a Wendyhouse on the premises.

On Saturday 13 August Belinda’s fiancé, Corné Hitge, wrote on his Facebook page, “Let my son rest softly at Your feet, Lord, and please help my darling through this time. Amen.”

Thabo Thomas, manager of City Wheels Auction House in Pretoria, where Corné works as a salesman, says Belinda and Corné are in "a hell of a condition. It must have been a joyful week.”

Belinda Louw FB

Thabo says they phone Corné regularly but don’t want to phone too often. “We’re supporting him and sending SMSes.”

Thabo says Belinda was badly injured. The accident broke a wrist, six ribs, her pelvic bone and injured her pancreas, one lung and her kidneys. She’s not out of danger yet. He says Belinda was operated on again on Monday morning.

“It’s been a gruelling time for them.”

By Monday afternoon Belinda still didn’t know she’d lost her baby. Thabo says there was a heartbeat after the accident but he thinks a decision had to be made between the mother and the baby.

On 14 July someone on Facebook asked when “that little guy” would be arriving. Corné answered, “Between 19 and 26 August.”

Belinda Louw swanger Amper Hier 2016

In an earlier photo session of a heavily pregnant Belinda wearing denims and a grey shirt and showing her tummy, she and Corné are holding a heart-shaped blackboard with the words “Nearly here 2016,” written on it. Belinda is radiant in the photos.

In some of the photos Belinda is lying on her back with her hands held protectively over her stomach. In one picture there are a pair of tiny shoes on her stomach, with Corné in the background.

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