President Julius Malema?

By admin
26 February 2010

Recently it seemed allegations about Julius Malema’s extravagant lifestyle might damage his popularity - but he faced up to his critics and toughed it out.

When Jacob Zuma was accused of rape many said, “Guilty or not, there’s no way he’ll be president now.” With President Zuma firmly in Tuynhuys the question is, where is Malema heading?

In the latest issue of YOU political commentator and author Max du Preez looks at Malema’s rise to power and influence through the ranks of the ANC Youth League and assesses his bigger political intentions.

And it seems he has his eyes on becoming president of South Africa. While that thought may terrify many, it equally fires up his millions of supporters among the embittered, unemployed young people in townships and squatter camps who see little chance of a better life without the support of someone like Malema, who came from similar circumstances.

President Julius Malema? Time is on his side - he turns 29 on 3 March.

So, says Du Preez, fasten your seatbelts - because Julius Malema will be with us for a long time.

* Read the full article by Max du Preez in the latest issue of YOU.

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