Pretoria woman whose husband was shot in front of her gives birth to healthy baby boy

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12 October 2016

Just days after her husband's brutal killing.

After the brutal murder of her husband Johann, Marianda Heunis (32) delivered the couple’s baby André Johann on Wednesday afternoon.

The mother of three daughters was heavily pregnant with little Andre when robbers broke into the family home on a small holding outside of Pretoria two weeks ago. Her husband Johann (43) was shot and killed in front of her.

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It was already planned that she would undergo a C-section on Wednesday. It also happens to be her birthday. Andre was born just after 2pm on Wednesday afternoon.

“Andre’s birth is her birthday present,” says Dennis Lloyd, an old friend, to YOU. He explained that Andre was named after his grandfather and father, Johann.

PHOTO: Facebook PHOTO: Facebook

Dennis checked in on Mariandra during the course of the day to make sure that mother and baby were doing well.

Johann’s life was celebrated during a special memorial service last week. The night before his daughters Mieke (6), Mischa (4) and Majandré (2), got the opportunity to greet their father by doing finger painting on his coffin.

According to Dennis the couple’s eldest daughter, Mieke, repeatedly asked if she could continue painting. During the break-in Meike confronted the robbers by offering them her savings.

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It was then that robbers fired at her and she ran out of her parents’ bedroom. Mieke specially painted a heart between her sister’s handprints on their fathers coffin.

During the memorial service grievers put notes to Johann in a birdcage which was placed with his coffin in the hearse.

Shortly after the incident the community joined hands to support the Heunis family. They have settled elsewhere in Pretoria in the meantime. Mariandra also received a silver pendant with her late husband’s fingerprint as a gift.

“He feels so far, I can’t feel him,” said an inconsolable Mariandra when she received the piece of jewellery.

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