Pretoria woman's hilarious response to 'Your boyfriend made me pregnant' text goes viral

By Kirstin Buick
25 December 2016

Screen grabs of Rholene's bizarre conversation with the irate mom-to-be have be shared thousands of times on Facebook.

Rholene Strydom had had a really rough week.

The mom-of-two was just settling down to unwind with her favourite show, Supernatural, on Friday night when she received a WhatsApp message that clearly wasn't intended for her.

"I just thought I should tell you. Youre boyfriend made me pregnant [sic.]," the message from an unknown number reportedly read.

It was the latest in a series of dramas she'd had to deal with, the 31-year-old says, and it was the last straw.

"I was gatvol," she says. "So I just decided to play along."

Rholene shared the bizarre conversation that ensued on Facebook, and it's since garnered over 50 000 shares.

The messages are so hilarious that a few commenters were skeptical that it had actually happened.

But Rholene, who is a social media specialist for a company in Pretoria, insists that it's not a hoax.

"Even some of my friends didn't believe it," she told YOU. "So they invited themselves over for coffee to see the messages themselves."

Whether the messages were some sort of prank or not, they're certainly worth a read.

According to Rholene's screen grabs, the villain of the story is a philanderer by the name of Sam, and his alleged baby-mamma-to-be couldn't get in touch with him.

Which begs the question of why the woman had what she thought was his girlfriend's number. Be we digress.

The revelation promoted Rholene to rope in a few memes of her favourite Sams, including Lord of the Ring's Samwise Gamgee, Game of Thrones' Samwell Tarly and (her favourite), Supernatural's Samuel Winchester.

After Rholene's wisecracks, the woman appears to become even more irate, eventually saying, "I should known youre crazy to stay with a guy like sam. I mean, he didnt even tske me to nice food places he took me to spur! [sic.]"

It appears to take the woman a full 30 minutes before she cottons on to the fact that she might not be talking to the right person.

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"I think I have the wrong number," she writes with a shocked emoticon. "I'm sorry."

But Rholene was taking no prisoners.

"Well not as sorry as Sam's going to be," she replies. "So listen this has been fun but you should go to bed. Because 9 months from now... you'll never sleep again."

Since sharing the screen grabs on Saturday, Rholene says she's had over 1000 people sending her friend requests on the site.

"A couple of them were freaks and weirdos, but a few were quite nice so I accepted them. And now I have new friends from all walks of life," she joked.

Rholene, who lives in Pretoria with her husband Johnny and two sons (aged 6 and 7), says she doesn't feel sorry for the pregnant stranger who earned her social media fame.

"At first I felt a bit sorry for her, but then I realised that if she thought she was WhatsApping the girlfriend of a man she slept with, she KNEW he was in a relationship when she did it.

"So no, I don't feel sorry for her."

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As for the nefarious Sam, Rholene says there were some comments on her post about a Sam who might be the scoundrel in question. But then they were quickly deleted.

"It would be nice to find him. I mean, I don't really have him in my boot."

The moral of the bizarre tale? "Don't mess with a tired mom."

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