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15 October 2013

Kid’s décor expert Sam Scarborough shares clever ideas for decorating your baby’s bedroom.

Kid’s décor expert Sam Scarborough shares clever ideas for decorating your baby’s bedroom.

Simply Seaside

We all have fond memories of childhood seaside holidays which is probably why the nautical theme never loses its popularity. Yachts and lighthouses, bunting and lanterns, buckets and spades, fish and seagulls are just some of the readily identifiable images of the seaside, making it an extremely easy theme to accessorise.

There are countless decorating possibilities with a nautical theme.

Here, nearly everything is useful as it is decorative.  With just two pieces of white cane furniture the small space in this room is used to the maximum.  The crib can be wheeled anywhere and there’s also a more classic look in the nautical theme of white wood, linens and pale blues.

The look can be as soft or as bold as you like; white furniture can be off-set with red, and white and blue accessories are the usual treatment for a seaside theme, but any shade of sea green or sun-bleached grey can also be employed.  Wicker cots and furniture also look wonderful with this theme.

Fabrics can be anything from plain canvas to bold stripes or prints of boats and seaside motifs.

The predominant use of blue accessories, the sailing boat and anchor motif create a great nautical mood for a boy’s nursery. For girls you could bring in the more Victorian themes of muslin and lace, striped changing tents, Punch and Judy, and games on the sand.

Open shelves are best for showing off seaside ornaments and layering the theme. Hanging pegs for stripy holdall bags and towels really add to the beachy look.

Baby Bird

The delicacy, variety and flightiness of birdlife make it the most charming subject for a nursery.

With the huge array of wallpapers and bird-themed merchandise that’s become available in recent years, the most amusing motifs are available for your own little chick.

Bird themes can be worked into any nursery style but here we have the same bird wallpaper used in two different ways – helping to create a sweet vintage nursery and a much grander French-style room.

An old cane cot and some retro furniture help give this birdie room an old-fashioned charm. The most enchanting addition has to be the little birdcage light made even more enchanting by the vintage shade covering the bulb. Because of the colours in the wallpaper, the room can be decorated before baby arrives and then any blue or pink accessories can be added once you know who your little one is!

Same wallpaper as before, but used in a grander manner. This little prince’s room is made resplendent with a coronet and silk drapes over the crib, and some antique French furniture. The bird theme runs through many of the accessories, from pretty paperweights to beautiful embroidered cushions.

Captions? All atwitter ? birds provide a delightful backdrop to a sweet vintage room.

Bird accessories abound and can be layered into a grand and gracious old-style nursery.

- Sam Scarborough

Sam runs her own kids’ décor company specialising in product design of play spaces and play ideas for children. She’s also a décor consultant, focusing on kids’ rooms, and presents workshops, giving parents inspiring décor ideas for their offspring’s bedrooms and personal spaces.

 As a parent, Sam’s motivation for writing and producing children’s décor books and imaginative products is to inspire other moms to be more innovative with their family and home environments. She believes a child’s environment is the first step to creative experience and expression.

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