Prince Charles almost catches fire on birthday

By admin
15 November 2013

Prince Charles nearly went up in flames on his 65th birthday yesterday as his jacket almost caught alight after he got too close to a temple oil burner in India.

Prince Charles almost caught on fire as he celebrated his 65th birthday yesterday.  The Prince of Wales found himself in a heated situation while visiting an antiques shop in India when his linen jacket got too close to a large temple oil burner, which lit 65 lamps in his honour.  Thankfully for the birthday boy an aide, who was close at hand, quickly noticed the fiery incident and pulled the jacket out of the flames.  Charles then joked, "How quickly did you put me out?"  The royal and his wife, Camilla (66), were visiting the shop in the Jewish quarter of the southern city of Kochi when the incident occurred, reports the Daily Mirror newspaper.  Locals flocked to give Charles their well wishes and a group of particularly enthusiastic royal fans earned a wave from the man of the moment as they sang “Happy Birthday” from a nearby balcony.  Meanwhile, aides close to the royal have indicated Charles will donate his pension ? which he’s now eligible to receive after turning 65 ? to charity, but it's not known which philanthropic organisation will benefit from his goodwill. 

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