Prince Charles reveals phobia

By admin
18 February 2013

Britain's Prince Charles has admitted he is scared of elevators and always tries to take the stairs.

Britain's Prince Charles is scared of lifts.

The 65-year-old royal has confessed he suffers from a phobia of elevators and always tries to take the stairs whenever possible since he doesn't like being confined in small spaces.

When he met teacher Shehnaz O'Mallie at her block of flats in Islington, north London, yesterday (14.02.13) he asked he whether the lifts in the building worked.

She said: "We always take the stairs", to which he bashfully replied: "So do I. I'm always terrified of lifts."

The Prince of Wales and his wife the Duchess of Cornwall also visited London's Borough market yesterday to mark the popular spot's 1000th birthday.

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