Prince Charles saves fishmongers

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13 February 2013

Britain's Prince Charles has helped save a family-run fishmongers after it was threatened with closure.

Britain's Prince Charles has helped save a family-run fishmongers.

The heir-to-the-throne was aghast when he heard of the plight of Walter Purkis and Sons, in Crouch End, north London, so offered his support and now the owner has claimed a "victory for family businesses".

Mr Purkis's son John said: "She was lovely and helpful. It appeared there had been discussions with the Prince. She asked if there was anything she could do and gave us advice.

"We were thrilled to hear he had taken an interest. We've been allowed to start smoking again. We're a small family business so this is a big victory for us and people like us. Places like this are disappearing every day."

The 133-year-old business was at risk because of a single complaint from a resident about the stench produced when they smoke haddock and salmon.

When Charles - who is known for his environmental campaigning and as a champion of organic food - heard of the family's plight he sent a female member of his staff to the store to get all the information relating to the Haringey Council complaint and the family's fight against the council ruling, which has included a petition to save the shop by customers.

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