Prince George received almost 800 presents in 2014

15 January 2015

Prince George is just more than a year old, but already he’s amassed almost 800 presents. From a personalised skateboard to a leather jacket, the little prince has been given gifts fit for, well, a future king.

The official list of gifts given to the royal family during official foreign tours was recently published, bringing to light the royal tot’s impressive haul. Australia spoilt the 17-month-old the most by giving him 603 presents during his trip down under last April. New Zealand gave him 120 items.

And if a royal’s popularity is based on how many gifts you get, then the adorable prince definitely beat out the rest of his family as he received more than anyone else.

Some of his many pressies include:

  • A cuddly toy from US president Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle.
  • A speedboat that doubles as a car from Sealegs International, a New Zealand company that manufactures amphibious boats.
  • A surfboard from the mayor of Manly in Australia.
  • Two dreamcatchers from Canadians.
  • A pair of sheepskin boots from the Royal Australian Air Force.
  • A cuddly toy from the Royal New Zealand Police College.
  • A T-shirt and leather flying jacket from Canada’s Manitoba Aerospace Human Resources Council.

-Petro-Anne Vlok


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