Prince Harry spent 24 hours in freezing cold chamber

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18 September 2013

Britain's Prince Harry spent 24 hours in a freezing cold chamber on Monday in a bid to prepare himself and his team-mates for their South Pole challenge in November.

Britain's Prince Harry is preparing himself for a South Pole challenge by sleeping in a freezing cold chamber for 24 hours.

The 29-year-old royal and his British team-mates spent Monday in a weather simulator set at a temperature of -35 °C, practising putting up tents and hiking through blizzard winds, in a bid to make sure they're mentally ready for the Walking with the Wounded South Pole Allied Challenge in November.

A spokesman for the charity raising money for injured servicemen and women said, "The team will spend four hours a day making and breaking camp. It is important this activity is rehearsed to save time."

The British team will go head-to-head against a team from the US ? including actor Alexander Skarsgård ? in a 335-km trek from the 87° latitude line to the South Pole.

It’s thought the race will take 21 days to complete and each day the teams will endure 12 hours of skiing, with just 10-minute rest breaks every two hours.

During the expedition, the teams will have to pull sledges weighing 70 kg in bitterly cold temperatures as low as -45 °C, which is colder than a chamber is able to reach.

The prince, who’s a patron of Walking with the Wounded, announced he’d be joining the challenge in April, which is the most ambitious task undertaken by a member of the royal family before, and he’s been granted leave from the army to do so.

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