Prince Harry's South Pole team 'going well'

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05 December 2013

Britain's Prince Harry's South Pole trek team are still in front and "going well" after three days of walking on the 335 km expedition.

Britain's Prince Harry's South Pole trek team are still in front after completing three days of walking.

Ed Parker, Walking With The Wounded Co-Founder and mentor of Team Noom, one of the rivals of the flame-haired prince's Team UK, aka Team Glenfiddich, has told how the British side are in the lead and "going well" at the end of a tough third day of trekking on some "really, really hard terrain".

Speaking in a voice diary on the Walking With The Wounded website earlier today he said: "The Brits are still up front and going well. The US Team has done just about exactly the same distance as yesterday: 21.7 miles.

"We find ourselves camping this evening right next to the Commonwealth team, who've had a good day. They started three kilometers behind us and have managed to catch up during the day. But it's very nice to see them this evening."

"The weather's still very, very nice but the, the terrain is really, really hard."

Despite the freezing cold temperatures, Ed has been pleasantly surprised just how warm it is in his tent at night, so much so he is finding it too hot in his sleeping bag.

He added: "The extraordinary thing about the tents here is because of the sun the radiation and the 24 hour daylight."

"The inside of the tents are really lovely and warm, and so actually at night these extraordinary sleeping bags we've got are rather over the top."

"It can get a little hot, rather in contrast to the rest of the day when we're out skiing. But all is going well."

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