Prince William calls hospital to check on cancer patients

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07 February 2013

Britain's Duke and Duchess of Cambridge phone the Royal Marsden hospital in London every four to six weeks to check on cancer patients.

Britain's Prince William and Duchess Catherine phone a hospital every four weeks to find out how young cancer patients are progressing.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge often write inspiring letters to young cancer sufferer Fabian Bates after meeting him at the London-based Royal Marsden hospital in 2011, and his mother Lydia revealed the royal couple also call the medical facility on a regular basis to check up on the other patients they met.

Since William and Catherine - who was known as Kate Middleton prior to the pair's nuptials - met Fabian he has made a dramatic recovery from Leukaemia, and Lydia insists that is partly down to the duke and duchess' letter writing.

She told HELLO! magazine: "They phone the hospital every four to six weeks to find out how all the children they visited are progressing.

"And Fabian has received three letters from Kate's office since that visit, in which she talks about her absolute delight that he is in remission.

"He got a lovely letter back from Kate's office after drawing her a picture of Kensington Palace and another one when my husband let her know about how well Fabian was progressing.

"The fact they have kept up contact has helped lift not only Fabian's spirits but those of the whole family."

Fabian had lost his hair and was awaiting a life-saving bone marrow transplant when he met the royal couple almost two years ago, and he admits William and Catherine's advice has "helped a lot" in his amazing recovery.

He explained: "When I met them, William told me to continue to be brave. I have followed his advice and it has helped me a lot as have the duchess' letters to me."

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