Princess Diana, forever young

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24 June 2011

Much has happened in the 14 years since her death in Paris. Diana’s sons have grown up – one recently wed a pretty wife who is transfixing the world, the other may soon return to combat in Afghanistan.

Her brother, Charles Spencer, recently married for the third time. Her former mother-in-law,Queen Elizabeth, recently celebrated her 85th birthday and her former father-in-law, Prince Philip, is 90.

Wars and natural disasters have come and gone and technology has changed the world.

Diana would have turned 50 on 1 July. But she’s frozen in millions of minds at the age of 36, sun-kissed from a summer on the French Riviera and seemingly happy with Dodi Fayed.

Would they have still been together? Would she have found contentment and be looking forward to the best years of her life?

Jill Shaw Ruddock, author of the book The Second Half of Your Life, believes Diana would have married Dodi and had more children.

But they would have divorced in 2008 and she would have left ‘‘her tumultuous personal life’’ behind.

‘‘She would consistently be voted the most favourite royal. And she would be transforming the way we view ageing and still be considered the most beautiful and iconic woman alive.’’

British style guru Peter York believes Diana would be doing ‘‘something very American – she was happier in America; she had a lot of New Yorky friends’’.

Bruce Oldfield, couturier and her confidant, believes turning 50 wouldn’t have bothered her. ‘‘Diana had found her feet shortly before she died and . . . she would have embraced life on her own terms.’’

Whatever happened her sons would have been the main focus of her life, Bruce says. ‘‘She may have been sidelined by the royal family but William’s wedding was a celebration of her way of doing things. She was there.’’

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