Princess-to-be Charlene was once a gawky teen

By admin
01 July 2011

YOU writer Alet van Zyl talks to some ofCharlene Wittstock’s friends, family and people from her past in a must-read article in the latest issue.

Although Charlene is now a picture of elegance and poise, she has apparently always had two left feet.

Her former school principal, George Manolios, recalls some interesting stories from Charlene’s school days and her funniest embarrassing moment ever.

Her former swimming pal, Mandy Loots, recalls an occasion when she, Charlene and fellow swimmersPenny Heyns and Sarah Poewe were in an ad for the 2000 Olympic Games.

But these days it doesn’t matter if she trips or has the odd clumsy moment. She now has a prince who’ll come to her rescue.

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