Priscilla Presley: I was petrified of Elvis cheating

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12 October 2015

Priscilla Presley never wanted to leave her husband Elvis alone at home because she was so terrified he’d be unfaithful.

The star met her future husband in 1959, when she was 14 and he was 24, and they finally married eight years later. Their daughter Lisa Marie was both nine months after their wedding but their marriage didn’t last and Elvis filed for divorce in 1973. He had been unfaithful and Priscilla has spoken about the toll that took on her.

“Elvis being in rock ‘n’ roll and being one of the most famous icons in history… I had fears that I’d lose him,” she told Britain’s Hello! magazine. “Being young, I never wanted to leave town or even visit my parents as I didn’t want to give him that chance, thinking that someone would come and take my place.”

'I had fears that I’d lose him'

That said, she doesn’t have regrets about her marriage.

Falling pregnant so soon after their union was difficult and Priscilla found being a young mother hard. She had a nanny, but the woman left after two weeks because she couldn’t cope with the “erratic” hours they lived.

Still, Priscilla only thinks good things about Elvis now.

“Oh my God, yes – he was absolutely the love of my life,” the 70-year-old star said. “He was the father of my child and I learned so much from that man. I’m not saying that everything was wonderful – marriages have problems, and especially in that rock ‘n’ roll environment… but we had an amazing bond.”

Lisa Marie’s youngest children are twins Harper and Finley, seven. Priscilla is clear about the advice she’ll give them if they decide to wed when they are young, as she did.

“I would tell them that they have to live life a bit more and do the things they want to do first,” she said. “Make sure that they feel complete within themselves. You have to have some experience, and you have to really know the person that you’re with – rushing into something doesn’t lead to anything good.”

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