Prof Jan Lotz: "Fred, I want answers"

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22 November 2013

Jan Lotz says he will not rest until he finds out who killed his daughter – and he believes new ‘evidence’ is bringing him closer to the truth

More than eight years after the unsolved mudrer of Professor Jan Lotz’s only child – brilliant student Inge – people expect him to get on with his life. “They tell me I should close the book and move on, but how can I close a book I don’t understand?” Jan asks.
No one has been convicted of the brutal murder of Inge

The tall, well-built man looks up from the documents on the coffee table in his office with the same striking blue eyes many people saw in media photographs of a smiling blonde Inge. But his face is tense and the lines around his mouth reflect his grief.

No one has been convicted of the brutal murder of Inge on 16 March 2005 in her flat in Stellenbosch. Actuary Fred van der Vyver, her boyfriend at the time, was charged with her murder but acquitted after a sensational 10-month trial in 2007.

Rather than close the book Jan, still wrestling with so many unanswered questions about his daughter’s death, is busy with a new chapter in the saga.

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