Progress for Darren Scott’s sick tot

By admin
20 April 2012

He’s too young to know his red curls are falling out and that he’s become thin from throwing up. Playing with his teddy bears in his hospital bed, Mark Scott is all smiles – and today his worried parents are feeling upbeat too.

“It’s a good day,” his mom, Sarah-Kate, says with a smile. Sixteen-month-old Mark, who has cancer, is managing to eat a bit. “I haven’t seen Mark this happy in months,” his dad, Darren, adds.

After four agonising weeks of chemotherapy the tumour on the tot’s right kidney has shrunk so much his doctors say they can now operate to remove it, along with his kidney.

When the shocking diagnosis was made that Mark has Wilms tumour, also called nephroblastoma, his afflicted kidney was seven times the size of his healthy one (YOU, 22 March 2012).

Besides the success of the chemotherapy there’s more good news – the cancer hasn’t spread to his other organs. Finally the Scotts can dare utter the words they’ve been hoping to say: “We’ve prayed for a miracle and it has come!”

Read more in Gloria Edwards’ articles in YOU 26 April 2012.

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