Project Beat the Bulge

By admin
01 September 2011

Follow Leanne du Preez and our readers’ progress here:

22 August:

The project is up and running!

Everyone who has entered will receive an e-mail within the following week with instructions about your next steps.

A team of experts is also ready to help Leanne du Preez in her quest to lose more than 100kg.

1 September:

As you know entries for the project has already closed.

Everybody who entered has now received a registration form which needs to be signed by a doctor or medical practitioner.

A medical certificate needs to be attached to the registration form and send back to us before 19 September.

The next step will only be announced after we have received all the forms. If you have any questions, phone Petronél during week days between 14:00 and 16:00 at:  (021) 406 4623 .

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