Prosthetic hands help Flippie regain his independence

By admin
23 August 2013

Nineteen-year-old Flippie Engelbrecht who lost both his hands after he fell into a fire pit during an epileptic attack received prosthetic hands this week.

The prostheses, made with the aid of a 3D printer, were designed by Richard van As, a victim of a freak accident himself who’d lost four of his fingers.

Johannesburg NGO Robohand donated the prostheses to Flippie. His adviser, Carina Papenfus, said it was hoped they’d normalise Frikkie’s life as much as possible.

The blind teen was totally dependent on his parents to do things for him before he received the prostheses. Now he’s slowly regaining his independence.

According to Papenfus, Flippie is making good progress using his new hands. “The very first time he wore his hands he was already able to work out how to open and close them.”

Sources: EyeWitnessNews, iOL

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