Protect your eyes from Computer Vision Syndrome – and look good doing it

By admin
15 August 2016

Tiredness, headaches, itchy or dry eyes? Computers, tablets and phones emit a harmful blue light that can wreak havoc on your eyes.


We spend many hours every day staring at screens – cellphone screens, tablet screens and mostly computer screens. All of these emit blue light, a dangerous light that causes Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). 

Symptoms of CVS include double or blurred vision, light sensitivity, eye strain, tiredness, headaches, and itchy and dry eyes.

Computer reader glasses help prevent this eye condition from occurring.

computer readers

Bondiblu developed computer readers with an anti-reflective blue light coating that protects your eyes against a variety of dangerous rays. Long-term exposure to near IR, visible light, UV light, blue light, UVB and UVA could result in damage to the retina.

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