Proud dad Elton John

By admin
28 January 2011

For the first time, pop superstar Elton John and his partner, film director and producer David Furnish, talk about the baby son they acquired from a surrogate mother on Christmas Day 2010.

Both clearly relish their new roles as parents, especially after they unsuccessfully tried to adopt a 14-month-old Ukranian orphan and his three-year-old brother in 2009.

The legal complexities compelled them to abandon the adoption attempt and they focused instead on trying to find the brothers a decent home and followed the surrogacy route.

Now Elton (63) and David (48) are ecstatic.

After 17 years together they say having baby Zachary in their home finally makes them a real family. Both men were sperm donors so they’re unsure which of them is actually the father – only DNA tests would ever ascertain that. And they insist they’ll maintain a relationship with the surrogate mother.

In the 3 February issue of YOU you can read an exclusive interview with the proud couple, conducted in their West Hollywood home only 10 days after Zachary’s birth, and see the first published pictures of the three of them together.

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