Publishers drop Pippa Middleton books

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23 January 2013

Michael Joseph publishers have backed out of a deal to publish more books by the Duchess of Cambridge's sister Pippa Middleton.

Michael Joseph publishers have backed out of a deal to publish more books by Pippa Middleton.

The brunette socialite , whose sister is Britain's Duchess of Cambridge, had planned two follow-up ideas to follow her debut book 'Celebrate: A Year of Festivities for Families and Friends', but the division of Penguin publishing are said to have turned them down.

MailOnline reports Michael Joseph are complaining about the lack of proper publishing for the books due to the palace aids advising Pippa against it, despite having been signed up as a result of her links to the royal family, and the situation is said have left the 29-year-old beauty feeling "frustrated".

A source explained: "Michael Joseph made clear that they won't go ahead if their press schedule and Pippa's diary is dictated to by the Palace. This is hugely disappointing for Pippa as it leaves her effectively forced to choose between her career and her family.

"Pippa left a good job as Event Manager at party planning business Table Talk to focus on launching her writing career. She was counting on this working.

"She is becoming increasingly frustrated and angry that her reputation and livelihood is being affected by the constraints of royal life - especially as she is not a royal herself."

Pippa's 'Celebrate' earned her a reported £400,000 in advance - which is a rare deal for an untested and unsigned author - and although her book was greatly anticipated, the hardback copy sold just 2,189 copies in its first week and has now dropped from £25 to a mere £6.

Critics have described the homely tips book as "terrible" and believe Pippa was ill-advised into making a deal.

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