Pup on a plane? Amanda Seyfried flies with her pooch

By admin
06 May 2014

Amanda Seyfried has medical permission to take her dog Finn on flights with her.

Amanda Seyfried takes her dog with her on flights. The Les Misérables star - who admits she suffered from extreme anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) as a child growing up in Pennsylvania -still struggles to deal with her issues and even has a note from a "mental healthcare professional" which gives her license to take her Australian Shepherd Finn on airplanes, but she often feel it's inappropriate to do so. She said: "It's not the most comfortable thing for me to fly alone. I can fly - I'm not a bad flier - but I don't love crowds. But it can so easily be fraudulent, I sometimes feel like it's wrong."

'It's not the most comfortable thing for me to fly alone'

The 28-year-old actress - who is the daughter of a therapist and a pharmacist - says her mother has given her lots of tips on how to control her anxiety.

Amanda - who is in a relationship with Justin Long - told Britain's ELLE magazine: "She taught me all these ways of tricking yourself to be present when you're panicking. It's a question of rationalisation.

"It's incredibly easy to remedy panic. You just don't realise it. You have to understand that it's not reality, it's not rational. And I've been through it enough times now that I know it's not going to last forever."

- Bang Sowbiz

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