Put your best winter foot forward

By admin
06 June 2013

Don’t let winter be a time to neglect your heels. Keep them soft and crack-free for the return of summer.

I cannot stand having rough heels. The slightest hint of roughness bothers me immensely so I stock up on heel scrubs and creams, and in summer it’s a weekly routine (well, almost; the arrival of a baby has had me dropping my standards).

I wasn’t always concerned about my heels. It started years ago one summer when I was in my 20s and stood in a queue at a supermarket behind a group of gorgeous Amazonian models.

Being short I saw more of their feet than their heads. And what I saw stayed with me; one girl’s beauty was overshadowed by the state of her heels. The sight of deep cracks filled with grime had me rushing off to inspect my own feet.

They had taken a beating but weren’t too bad probably because I spent a lot of time on the beach back then and sand is a great exfoliator. But since then, I have my own pedicure tools and routine (soak feet for a few minutes, file heels and under feet with pumice stone, clip and file nails, apply scrub and massage, wash, apply cream and put on socks overnight for the occasional deep treatment) to make sure my feet feel good.

The scrub step is important. I have come across a few pointless scrubs, but most get the job done, some just better than others.

I recently did my pre-winter feet routine (I know, I know; this is starting to sound a little obsessive but please don’t judge) of removing nail polish to give my nails a break, and getting my feet extra soft for winter.

I tried two scrubs and they did the job: Avroy Pure Feet (R39) and Green Cross Rough Skin Remover (R30). I liked the addition of peppermint oil in the Avroy version and the small granules are perfect for winter when my feet don’t need as much work.

It also worked well on my hands and elbows. The Green Cross version had a light peach scent and contained peach stone granules which were great for my final hardcore scrub and will be handy in summer when my heels need bigger, rougher granules. They both had flip-top caps which make them so much easier to handle when your hands are covered in scrub.

-Natalie Cavernelis

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