Python gets 'trapped within itself' after shedding his skin in a circle

By admin
22 July 2016

Poor Tim.

Tim is a python at The Alice Springs Reptile Centre in Australia -- a python that went and got himself stuck in his own shedding skin!

“Essentially a snake that has shed its skin many times before made a mistake this time and entered back into the open sloughed mouth thereby becoming trapped within its sloughed skin doing laps until he broke out," said director at the centre Rex Neindorf.

The snake expert told Daily Mail Australia, the non-venomous Stimson's python was trapped for over three hours.

"The snake was never stressed (he ate as soon as he emerged) is in perfect health as always and was never in any danger.”

Rex managed to capture the mesmerising scene on camera, and shared the video to Facebook. It's since been viewed thousands of times.

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Additional source: MailOnline, facebook

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