Python vs. king cobra: snakes battle it out in Singapore streetfight

By admin
04 September 2015

This is what happens when a python and a cobra battle it out.

It’s something you’re unlikely to see in a lifetime – especially in broad daylight on a Singapore street.

But that’s where two snakes got into a fight.

In a video recently uploaded onto the internet a huge python and a cobra fight each other on the campus of Singapore’s Nanyang University of Technology.

Passers-by were stunned when they saw the reptiles attack each other. Channel NewsAsia reports that the fight went on for nearly half an hour.

Eventually the cobra, estimated to be three metres long, escaped from the grip of the python and vanished into the bush.

Abhishek Ambede, a student who watched the fight, told the news agency at one stage the python had the cobra’s head completely wrapped up in its coils.

Pest controllers fetched the python at the scene and the cobra was caught later.

The cobra was given a new home in a nearby zoo and the python was released in a jungly area.

Abhishek said the cobra bit the python, which gave it a “very slim” chance of survival.

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