Q&A with actor Kenneth Nkosi

By admin
29 June 2012

He’s like a woman, he says: emotional, in touch with his feelings and talkative. In fact he talks so fast it’s difficult to keep up. 

He’s also naturally funny and has excellent comic timing, which is why popular South African comedian Leon Schuster choose him to star in his latest movie.

It was a shrewd move. Critics are praising Kenneth Nkosi’s performance in Mad Buddies for adding spice to the tried-and-tested slapstick formula South Africans love so much.

Kenneth (39) joins the familiar collaboration of Leon and Alfred Ntombela in this film caper. And it’s vintage Schuster – liberally laced with poop jokes and awash with over-the-top South African humour and situations.

YOU’s Gilda Narsimdas chatted to the actor of stage, film and TV about the movie, Leon and life in general. Read more in YOU 5 July 2012.

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