Queen Elizabeth outliving her servants

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14 January 2014

Britain's Queen Elizabeth (87) is losing her most loyal aides as retirement, illness and death take their toll.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth is losing her trusted aides because she is living so long.

The 87-year-old royal is having to say goodbye to staff as retirement and illness take their toll and Nancy Fenwick, often referred to as Keeper of the Queen's Corgis, is the latest aide to step down after looking after her beloved dogs for many years.

A royal insider told the Sunday Express newspaper: "The Queen is letting her corgis die out naturally and is not breeding any more because of her age.

"There are only four left and they can be looked after by the footmen.

"When there was a pack of 10 or 11, and a contact breeding programme, Mrs Fenwick was needed but her post has now become superfluous."

Although footmen would always walk the dogs, Nancy would look after them when the Queen was abroad on royal duties and knew all of their individual dietary needs.

The source added: "It is rather sad but due to cost-cuts and the Queen's age, many of these old jobs are being phased out.

"She is surrounded by a hard core of close aides and that suits her as she approaches 90. She likes to be with people she knows and trusts."

The royal usually hosts an intimate Christmas lunch at the Goring Hotel for her senior servants but cancelled the event last month, as she has in the past, and instead held a drinks party for remaining aides at Buckingham Palace in London.

Staff numbers are also dwindling the Queen's home, Windsor Castle, with head gatekeeper Cyril Doel recently retiring after 43 years of service, along with his wife Janet, the castle's chief housemaid.

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