Queen Elizabeth urged to cut spending

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29 January 2014

A government report says Queen Elizabeth's household needs to make more money and cut costs.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth has been urged to cut household spending.

A government report from the Commons Public Accounts Committee says the monarch's staff need to reduce costs and make more money, and slammed the treasury of "failing" to exercise enough scrutiny.

Praising the household for bringing in more money, the report added: "We think it could do more.

"Since 2007-08, the household has cut its net costs by 16 per cent in real terms but 11 per cent of that was achieved by increasing income and just five per cent by reducing expenditure. With better commercial expertise in place, we think there is room to do more with less."

MP Margaret Hodge, chairwoman of the committee, also said "nationally important heritage properties" are in a desperate state of disrepair, with the report highlighting the Victoria and Albert Mausoleum, at Frogmore, near Windsor Castle which has been waiting 18 years for repair work.

In 2012, 39% of the royal estate's buildings were said to be in a condition below what is thought acceptable, and the current position is likely to be worse.

The report reads: "The household must get a much firmer grip on how it plans to address its maintenance backlog.

"It has not even costed the repair works needed to bring the estate back to an acceptable condition and the Treasury did not require an estimate."

However, the Treasury said the report "fails to properly account for" recent improvements in the transparency of household funding.

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