Queen Elizabeth's clockmaker suffers injury while on the clock

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26 March 2014

Queen Elizabeth's clockmaker Steve Davidson has been diagnosed with Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) in his right hand due to his arduous job.

Queen Elizabeth's royal clockmaker has developed Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) due to his job. Steve Davidson, who is tasked with maintaining all of the 450 timepieces at Windsor Castle, was diagnosed with the medical condition two months ago and has been informed by doctors to cut down his work hours. Steve's right hand began feeling the strain of winding, cleaning and repairing all of the clocks, but the expert has refused to take sick leave and has instead developed various tools which will allow him to do his job using his left hand.

 ‘Steve is absolutely devoted to his job’

A Windsor Castle source told the Daily Express newspaper: "Steve is absolutely devoted to his job and refused to take time off even though he was in a lot of pain. A doctor signed off Steve and told him to rest his hand but he would not hear of it. For three weeks, he went round doing his job by telling a porter what to do and supervised his every move."

"In his spare time, he went into the Castle workshop and fashioned some new tools which enable him to do the job left-handed if his right hand needs a rest." Steve is now said to be recuperating and is still working.

The source added: "Thankfully, Steve is on the mend and things are, you might say, ticking over nicely!"

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