Queen Elizabeth's old car up for auction

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02 March 2014

An "extremely rare" Land Rover Defender which belonged to the Queen's Estate at Sandringham is up for auction.

A car belonging to Britain's Queen Elizabeth is up for sale.

Royal aficionados can get their hands on an "extremely rare" Land Rover Defender which was formerly in use by the Queen's Estate at Sandringham to drive the royals on shooting parties.

According to CarandClassic.co.uk, the vintage vehicle will be up for auction on March 2014 8 with Historics at Brooklands.

The website states: "This vehicle was previously owned by the Queen's Estate at Sandringham and was used there by shooting parties frequented by the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Charles.

"The Estate Manager confirmed that they had performed full servicing and maintenance and was quoted saying that it was unusual for vehicles to be purchased by the estate as they tend to lease their Land Rovers and hand them back a few years later, this makes this example extremely rare."

The Queen's ride has even been pimped out to the 87-year-old monarch's tastes with heated seats, electric windows and a specialist paint job.

The car is expected to fetch between £26 000 and £35 000 at auction.

- Bang Showbiz

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